When obtaining a Voluntary Workers Accident quote in the portal, select the most relevant risk type(s) which match with the description of Voluntary Work undertaken. 

For each risk type you need to provide the expected number of Insured Persons (volunteers) and the average amount of time spent volunteering per person.

Risk TypeExamples of Voluntary Work undertaken
Very Low RiskAdministration / office based work
Low RiskOut of office work / collection days/ door appeals / BBQ’s / picnics / food preparation
Moderate RiskLight maintenance work / gardening / cleaning/ adult or child supervision
High riskHeavy maintenance work / building projects / unskilled labour / demolition work
Very High RiskOther including but not limited to higher risk or hazardous activities

For example:

There may be 10 volunteers who each do on average 2 hours a month of out of office work (low risk) and there may be 50 volunteers who each participate for 1 day in an annual working bee/light maintenance (moderate risk).