When you are ready to bind an Active quote for your customer follow these simple steps:

1. Login into the Blend Broker Portal

2. Start typing your customers name in the search box, select the customer from the results and then select the quote you wish to bind

3. On the Active Quote Detail page click on the 'bind' button at the top of the page

4. Select the start date required by clicking on the calendar icon (note that this can't be prior to the current date or more than 30 days in future), the end date will default automatically, and click 'continue'

It is not possible for you to select a a period of insurance longer than a year, if you need to arrange an 'odd-time' period either use chat in the portal, email us at broker@blendinsurance.com.au or call us on 02 9158 6629.

5. Well done, quote is now bound and policy issued, you will receive an email to confirm and you can also download the Policy Schedule straight away by clicking on the 'schedule' button at the top of the page