We don’t use or require proposal forms for our Individual Personal Accident product. 

The way our portal has been designed ensures that all required information is captured at point of quote.

There is also an opportunity to declare any previous claims, or dangerous activities, which will trigger a referral to underwriters.


As brokers are issuing quotes on behalf of clients, we have also included a declaration that needs to be agreed to on behalf of any client in advance of issuing a quote. 

When quotes are issued and documentation is sent to a broker, all details that have been entered by the broker are on the top of the first page.

The last page references any endorsements, declared information, our Duty of Disclosure, and Privacy Statement.

We suggest sending issued quotes to the client in advance of binding cover. This gives the client an opportunity to review and double check the information that has been selected is correct. Where there are any changes required, brokers should be able to hop back into the portal, and make amendments. We are also more than happy to assist with amending quotes, just get in touch!