Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Blend Insurance Solutions 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

Prepared 17 March 2020

We have been monitoring the development of the Coronavirus, carefully considering information released from the World Health Organization website or the Australian Government ‘Smartraveller website. 

On 11th March 2020 the World Health Organization has designated the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic. 

Each claim will be assessed subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of the Policy, however further clarity on how Blend products respond to COVID-19 are outlined below. 



Individual Personal Accident (PDS version Blend.IPA.0319) and Group Personal Accident & Sickness (PDS version Blend.GPA.0319) 


Our individual and group Personal Accident and Sickness policies will respond to COVID-19 if; 

  1. Sickness cover is included; and 

  1. An Insured Person contracts COVID-19 after 11th March 2020 whilst within Australia (regardless of Geographic Scope on the Policy Schedule); and 

  1. COVID-19 is medically diagnosed by a Doctor and directly causes the Insured Person to be unable to perform their usual occupation. 


Any loss of income caused by quarantine, self-isolation or being unable to travel to work is not covered under the Policy. 


Business Travel (PDS version Blend.BTA.0319) 


Travel Disruptions 

  • As per the usual restriction within the PDS, trips booked after any country or region falls into DFAT Advice Level 4 ( ‘do not travel’ are excluded from cover.  

  • Prior to 11th March 2020 there are still instances where COVID-19 would be deemed a foreseeable event and as such cover there would be no cover under the Policy. 

  • All international and domestic trips booked after 11th March 2020 at 4pm AEST have no cover for any claim relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) as after this date COVID-19 is considered a foreseen event. 


Other Sections of Cover 

  • All international and domestic trips booked after 11th March 2020 at 4pm AEST have no cover for any claim relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19). 


Future Travel 

  • Check the DFAT Advice Level prior to booking any trip ( 

  • It is unlikely that there will be any cover in respect of COVID-19 until such time as the World Health Organisation rescinds its categorisation of COVID-19 as a pandemic/epidemic, and the Smarttraveller website advise for the specific region/country reduces to Levels 1, 2 or 3. 

  • For paid travel booking/arrangements made before 11th March 2020 at 4pm AEST, please note that if the position on travel improves but an Insured Person still doesn’t wish to undertake their Journey, we may consider any cancellation of the Journey to be a disinclination to travel subject to terms and conditions of the policy, and resulting loss may not be covered. 


Journey Accident, Voluntary Workers and Sports Personal Accident Policies 

As these products do not include cover for Sickness, there is no cover for pandemic or epidemic and therefore no cover for COVID-19. 


Further Questions 

Please check the below websites for further updates: 


Smarttraveller website 

World Health Organisation 

Or contact us directly: 


Phone: (02) 9158 6629 


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